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First time triathletes often don’t know what kind of bike training to do while preparing for their first triathlon. It’s recommended you combine your training with both high intensity training to increase strength, and lower intensity over longer distances to increase stamina. Train at a speed you will feel comfortable sustaining the entire length of the cycling leg of your event.

Bike Triathlon TrainingIt’s very important to maintain a consistent speed using the gears of the bike like you would a car while applying moderate pressure on the pedals. If you’re using too much downward pressure on the pedals, you will wear out your legs quickly and if you’re pedalling too fast with too little resistance you will cover less ground while exerting a lot of energy.

If you’d rather not train on the open road, start by training on a stationary bike. It’s important to have some practice outdoors to get used to braking and cornering, so head to a local bike track away from the road to get practice in these areas.